Learning Blender in SL

Even though I had used Blender many years ago, I had not picked it back up until a little over a year ago, and specifically with the idea of uploading mesh into Second Life. People were creating all sorts of amazing things, and I wanted to create them, too.

I knew I could do it, but had not been in Blender for some time. And the interface had changed somewhat. There were tutorials all over Youtube, but none that took you from the ground up in an instructional way. So I found a good foundational course through Udemy.

Then a group I’m in, Blender Benders (in SL), started Blender classes in Second Life. Graham Dartmouth started us out at ground zero. We’re at Week 25 and learning about advanced texturing techniques, etc. These classes have been amazing!

I’ll be posting some of our projects we’ve worked on along with some projects in build-off contests we’ve participated in.

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