Portraiture – Mia

Like to get your hands dirty? If so, then maybe working is clay is for you! While attending Gulf Coast Community College, I took their ceramics course a few times. The subject matter ranged from hand-built pottery and busts, to wheel-thrown pottery.

Portraiture – hand-built bust:

This bust was of a classmate who sat across the table from me in ceramics class. Her name was Mia. After the bust was bisque fired, I finished it with brown and blue shoe polish.

mia1 mia2 mia3 mia4


Black and White:

I took a beginning photography class at Illinois State University and we worked entirely in black and white, so I became very aware of how light and dark created shapes. Black and white portraiture can also add a feeling of formality.

This particular photo was of the daughter of a coworker.



Little kids create the greatest informal portraits. This one is of my great nephew.



I have tried many different mediums, taking classes and workshops. Some of my older 2-dimensional watercolor work is below:


The lily was a project in applying colors with wet tissue paper and then finding the painting from the abstract shapes. The seascape was a project in using a plastic credit card to create grasses, etc., then I let the paint run as I rotated the paper to get the rainy sky.

lily1   seascape1

We had to go through a watercolor book and find an artist we wanted to emulate. Of course, I’d pick someone that spent hours layering color upon color, letting each layer dry in between.
waterlily1 waterlily2boat1 boat2